I hate the feeling that I'm wasting my time in college. There are so many interesting and useful things to learn, but it's like the basic stuff just never ends 😖.

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    I'm currently feeling you... I want to study AI as fast as possible, but I'll have to wait 2+years for that. Or maybe not...
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    I've always had the "wasting time" feeling in college but until HR removes the barrier of not "earning" that pointless piece of paper 😂
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    Those boring things in college are essential later. Think of it like learning the standard library functions you'll need when you want to do something. Speaking from experience, slacked on first 2 years university math, having a hard time following derivations in my master's. (Doing machine learning btw, this stuff IS maths)
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    When I was younger I trained as a mechanic, I spent 1 day a week learning in college the other 4 working hard learning on the job, I would even turn up to work an hour or two early so I could get involved with other jobs and grow my experience.

    I guess what I'm saying is just because you are learning in college doesn't mean you can't take learning out of the classroom and put in the hours at home. I wish you well on your path.
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    I'm in the same road as you man. Currently 5+ years in university and at the same time 3 years working full time - very time consuming.

    Cannot really concentrate to the things which I prefer to learn. Add a girlfriend to this pot, all the conferences I want to go to, friends to spend the time with and the soup spills over the edges right on the floor without to do anything else.

    Be strong you will make it !
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    School is just training of the brain and hoping you retain about 10% of the info they give you. But the training of the brain is the most important part. The better it is, the better you will become at your job once you start it.
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