I was noticing in a MMORPG a problem and solution that can apply to the real world.

In MMORPG land, to get the best gear, you need to work in teams.

But to get invited into a team, you need the best gear..

Kinda like, to get a job, you need experience in the job first..

As such, one solution employed in the MMORPG world is to start your own team, hiding the fact you have shitty gear and only hiring folk with good gear to help carry you !

So, I guess in the real world, the similar answer is to start a business when you have no experience and hire people who do !

Then later one, if your business ever goes bust, you will at least then have experience to get a job. :-)

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    Basically every start-up ever.

    The only problem with your analogy is that, IRL to know if a person is good at what they do, you have to be decent at it yourself.
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    Interesting last observation there !

    Could you at least be decent enough to know a good choice from a bad one without knowing so much, you could do the job yourself ?

    I have noticed, if you get a stupid CEO, they just hire idiots, who hire other idiots, until the company goes bust !
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    Well if you have some experience with developing you can usually tell when someone is more knowledgable than you are. That's a good indication. In an interview, I tend to find it best to have a conversation, talk about concepts, ask how someone would build a piece of software. They don't have to agree with your point of view, as long as they can explain it.
    You can still make mistakes (some people sound knowledgable but aren't, or can't convert it to good code).
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    What I did. Not that easy :3
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    Any handy tips ?
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    @Nanos accumulated more debts :3
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    Ah, I want to avoid that next time !
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