My first encounter with programming was modding, there was a game mod GTA SAMP which allowed to play it online.

At some point I wanted to create my own server so I started following all kind of tutorials, which was very convenient for me, because the game was really popular at the time so there were a lot of tutorials in my native language, while at that moment I haven’t really understood english.

Anyway, one year passed, I have became professional in copy-pasting, but never really tried to understand how the code works, it was more like change something randomly and see if it works. Of course I started identify patterns, I started to feel like I know what I am doing, but there was one thing I couldn’t understand and it was loops.

One day I tried to implement a system, well it was actually copying already existing one and customizing it. It was looping through multidimensional arrays (at that moment I wasn’t even aware such thing exists). So I don’t remember the details anymore, but I got stuck, to get further I had to understand how loops work, so I spent days trying to implement whatever I was implementing, until it clicked, at that moment I understood it, I finally understood how loops work and not only that, I also understood how arrays work now. It felt great, it felt like whole new world of possibilities opened for me, I felt like I can create anything right now, in fact I felt like a god.

I was 12 years old at that moment, but that story, it got stuck in my head, I always keep remembering it and I think it’s because that moment was the moment when I realized that nothing is impossible in this world.

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    A fellow GTA SAMPer, all the good memories and hours i spend on writing scripts & plugins. I think i was also around the same age when i was into/got into it.
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    Reminds me of when I started learning programming, when I was 10. It took me one year (not full time of course) to understand the usefulness of arrays and functions. I was like "what's the point of making an array of 10 values if you can make 10 variables" and "what's the point of making functions while you can copy paste it?" so naive :D
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    SA:MP ftw!
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    I often like to work on the impossible.

    Not a very crowded area for one !

    But often expensive..
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    It was a matrix inversion cli program I wrote to do booring homework that got me into it
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