I want to strangle someone but I can't decide who the lucky person would be. In less than two weeks, I'll be in the company for six months and I still haven't gotten my feedback. I have an interview with the CEO of another project this week and I don't know what to think about it. I know some of you are tired of me bitching about the same shit all over again but I just really want to vent out the frustration.

Are they ditching me? Is this interview a sign that the current project did not like me and now they're trying to see if someone else would take me? No need to answer those questions, by the way. Imagine me talking to myself, rocking back and forth, while holding a dead kitten on the bench. Occasionally, I would scream gibberish to a bunch of kids.

Damn, I want to murder someone. I know it's not set in stone that life will be shit but my brain is not programmed to daydream the bright future. All I can think of is how I'm gonna give them hell if they suddenly decided to fire me. I will report your ass to the department of labor and I will make you famous. Then I will bazooka all your buildings and eat your children's toes.

For my final act, I will microwave my own shit in the office together with some spoons. That is the worst, bitches, you better give me some good news this week or bathe in my scat.


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    Feature request: Build a KZ camp for managers/management/leaders
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    How are Rutee's posts so different from others that I I immediately know it's Rutee after reading only the first sentence. 🤔
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    Holy shit man you sound super duper crazy and angry 😵
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    How long have you been a software dev? With enough time you'll also want to kill people.

    @rutee07 is just very good at converting anger into words.
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    @HisAxelency 5 years professionally, maybe I'm just a patient guy hahaha

    I've had a pleasure of working with outstanding technically brilliant teams though. Your mileage may vary 😂
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    @swablu I'm in my 8th year of being a dev. Been part of mediocre, bad and extremely good teams. Currently in a team that's bad-mediocre (I'm the only one with the ability to google, or so it seems, and people tend to not own up on their faults which I hate).

    So I guess you were lucky :P I'm starting to lean to the rutee way of thinking.
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    @swablu I'm only slightly angry.
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    @rutee07 yeah you got the crazy playful vibe, no curse words yet 🤣
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