Chalked out a TD game idea for android and there are two paths I can take:
1, Use Canvas (quick development)
2, Use OpenGL (relatively longer development)

What would be the correct path?

The most computation will go for bullet physics and collision check, overall the graphics are very primitive like circle, line on a canvas, no animations in background, etc etc... you get the idea.

Is the investment in learning OpenGL worth the time ?

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    2D or 3D graphics?
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    3. Use an engine like Unity to build it.
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    @stop 2D entirely. Complexity similar to sineline game on android
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    @Codex404 Those scary roads, they scare me!
    I will have to start from scratch for unity 🤔
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    As someone who's put the effort in learning OpenGL, if you want to make an actual game, use a preexisting engine. OpenGL is a behemoth, and you could spend months learning it. All that time you would be learning OpenGL you could be actually making your game. If engine development is what interests you, then go ahead and learn OpenGL, else let someone else do the work for you.
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    @Codex404 Did you mean "Godot"?
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    @Jvac Hmm I see. Is learning a new game engine faster than doing it in canvas? I guess unless the engine is overly simplified, any time learning can go into developing directly. Right?

    Unless there is an engine that has a fast learning curve

    P.s.: I have developed on LibGDX earlier, it just doesn't stick with me with its spritebatch management, complex gamescreens and denial to implement high res graphics.
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    @Jilano How's Godot? Can you share your experience?
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    @sudocode If you want to make the most progress quickly, just go with what you're comfortable with. Switching to an engine isn't going to make your game magically better since it's all about what you can do with your tools. If you want to switch to an engine there are plenty of options depending on what language you want to program in, if you want a visual editor and a million other things. Just know that switching from canvas to an engine won't make your final product automatically better.
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    SDL2 and C++
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    4. a webgl library
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    use Open GL =)
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    @sudocode I haven't been able to test it out myself yet, buy I've seen wonderful things with it! There are probably Some issues here and there, but I think it might be worth looking into it.
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    Go with unity.
    You dont have to make the engine from scratch.
    + there are milions tutorials too
    But it uses C#
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    @Gregozor2121 you mean: "And it uses C# :)"?
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    Sorry for poor syntax.
    I hope i got the point across
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