I’m feeling totally stuck, I currently work as a VB.net Developer (sql backend + the odd bit of C#, Java + html development) for a bespoke software company that mostly works with accountancy software like Sage. Basically I don’t think they’ll be any room for me to grow as a developer if I stay there but I’m not sure I could move elsewhere with my currently limited skill set. I’d appreciate any help/advice you guys could offer, it would help so much. Should I stay? Should I go?

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    Start looking (You don't have to quit before you have something better lined up), there is a developer shortage pretty much everywhere, don't worry about the job "requirements", its really just a wishlist and you will be expected to learn on the job anyway. Most companies will never get applicants who meet all their requirements (heck, we're happy if the applicant knows how to program at all)

    I usually look around every few months even though i'm happy with my job (it doesn't hurt to know whats out there)
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    Ask yourself, why did you become a developer? What did initially excite you about programming?

    And maybe you could go to university while on the job. Transition to something that is new and exciting. For example machine learning? Or become a programming teacher?

    Also you may could to consult a psychotherapist to find your current state in life and find orientation on what's next in your life? 🙂
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    @ItsNotMyFault thank you, that’s made me feel a lot better about my options!
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    @heyheni Honestly it’s the limitless potential of development and the never ending problem solving that comes with it, it genuinely gives me a buzz! I’m 24 now and I just broke up with my fiancé of six years and coding is the only thing pulling me through at the moment and I guess I don’t want to undershoot my potential for it? But talking to a psychotherapist is a great shout for many reasons but mostly for helping me understand what it is exactly that I want to get out of my career.
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    @OscarWildes With 24 y/o and some years of experience you'll probably able to pick your dream job.

    Besides do you have hobbies other than coding now?
    I for example started taking chinese language classes for funsies with a friend. It's awesome because i've got a reason to socialize and learn a complete different type of language which is weird and fun and good for the brain. 😄
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    You could also use this 'safe' time with a steady job to branch out and learn some new skills so that when you want to leave, you have more options
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