RantSomeWhere’s struggle with the DB frontend, part 3

Turns out that the DB frontend is part of a fully-featured software package that EVERYONE in the company uses. Lab coat folks, HR folks, temp workers and even the JANITORS.

Today, the company that made the software (it’s a custom thing we bought) pushed an update. It should be not surprising that the updater is crap. It seems like the same monkey who developed the DB frontend was behind it.

First of all, even if only one of 10 apps in this bundle has to be updated, a huge major update to all other programs (even if they are unaffected by the actual update!) is pushed as well. Basically, you reinstall the entire suite instead of a single program.

Secondly, old versions of the suite are immediately killed off and deprecated with a cold-blooded efficiency only known from German concentration camps. That means, once an update is available, the old version won’t work. If you try to dismiss the update, the program won’t open. You absolutely HAVE to update in order to get your work done.
Yes, I know that this is most likely done because nobody wants to provide support across multiple old versions along with the new one, but think ahead a little bit. What if the update is botched? Nobody knows, because the developers of the suite have the attention span of a fucking goldfish.

And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. A minor update for the entire suite was pushed. But somehow, the installer shat its pants and demanded some sort of update config file. The IT folks had no idea what that even means because the updating process does not seem to be documented at all! We don’t have a config file for the updater!

So, this is the situation: the program can’t start without updating. But also, the updater is broken.

As a result, nobody could do any work yesterday. 0% productivity, that’s gotta hurt.

A new, unfucked update was pushed today, but our company essentially lost an entire work day. Today, everything is on fire because we have to do two days worth of work on a single day.

I’m pretty sure somebody will be fired, though.

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