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Doom 2016 is so underwhelming and left such an empty void inside me ugh
I played through the whole game in about 7 hours, got all secrets and everything, like a 100% completion.
The music is fantastic, it fits the gameplay, and in combination with the good sound design it's a great experience.
The graphics are good as well, there are some hiccups like the Hell Guards' force field which looked like a kid mapped a sphere with a 240p texture in like 2005.
The story was OK, it's not really present there, because it's a game about slaying demons.
They had a minimal story, but they still messed it up somehow.
The ending of the game is an absolute wreck. After three bossfights stacked back to back, each of which took me like 20 minutes first try, which is less time than I spend on some levels even, I faced the Spider Mastermind, where Olivia dies for some reason, very undramatically, she just plops on the ground. Then the Mastermind appears, whose attacks are childish, and health is lower than the Cyberdemon. I got done with him in about 20 minutes as well. He also dies very undramatically.
Then, the cherry on top. Hayden just leaves you. That's all. Nothing else is told to us. What happened to the Hellslayer next? Did he go back to hell? What will he do there if there is nobody there anymore? Why did Samuel decide on sending him back to hell and not in his tomb? Why did the Slayer even get a backup of VEGA if he's not planning on restoring it???
All of these questions are left unanswered and this is absolutely killing me rn

Such a game leaves the player at such an anticlimactic ending with so many cliffhangers. They better be working on the next Doom where this is elaborated.

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    *opinion not shared with others.
    Doom was fucking amazing and it kicked my butt repeatedly mostly because I hadnt set the difficulty to childsplay
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    @jespersh I was playing at "make it hurt" or smth Idk how to translate in from Russian
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    The gameplay is the star of the show, combined with the music. The story is just kinda there because, but that was always the case with doom anyway.

    If you're done with the base game, try speedruns. And yes there's a new Doom coming, hopefully extends the story.
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    I feel you, still loved it, but i feel you.

    I can't expect much in terms of substance from a game whose main character is called the Doomguy man, but that's just me.

    Wanna play another legendary game? Try the Wolfenstein revamp. New Order and The New Colossus are fucking awesome(imho at least)
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    Is this new Doom moddable? Or did Id take their wad and go home?
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    @AleCx04 played it, completed it. Awesome
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    Looks like our opinions are the exact opposite.
    I loved it. Have you tried Nightmare?
    If you can beat bosses that easily, you should turn the difficulty up.
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    Also, don't expect story from DOOM.
    Its literally just demon slaying. ^^
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    @PrivateGER im not salty about the bosses being easy or anything, I'm not solty about the story being lacking. I'm aware it's a doom game, there isn't a story there. I'm being salty about ending on a cliffhanger

    I absolutely loved doom and I'm definitely going on nightmare later on, it's just that one bit that ruined all the experience
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    Ohhh try nightmare then the bosses are for real a challenge.
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    It's not meant to be some epic saga though. If you go in expecting anything other than a few hours to ramming a chainsaw down a demons throat while pulling the kidneys from his best friend as intense metal plays and everything explodes around you, yours going to have a bad time.

    Doom knows what it is, and if you want that, it's fucking perfect. Like every 80's action film, if you want depth you're barking up the wrong tree, but want something fucking stupid and fun, you're home.
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    @Charon92 And if you want fucking, Skyrim...
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    What difficult did you play it on? If its not Nightmare kys or go play it again, you chode
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    @Demolishun i like skyrim and all but the story kinda blows. too many loose ends not being tied together and there's no timeline, you just play each one as you want and which inevitably leads you into an overall story line that doesn't make any sense.

    Oh your the dragonborn, war hero of the stormcloaks and a thane of 4 holds? Yea let's accept bryn's proposition and join the thieves guild now... Da fuck???
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    Storylines are suffering everywhere though, you want to watch the remake of point break you might as well just youtube a bunch of extreme sports videos.

    Even if they are somewhat well thought out, they're incredibly short. Looking at you gears of war an devil may cry....
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    @M1sf3t and also assassinate the emperor with like zero consequences, lul
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    @RememberMe exactly, Sinding too, There's one group of werewolves in all of skyrim yet you kill the one rogue that you happen across and they don't even notice. Or the choice of Imperial or stormcloak in the beginning. You just tried to chop off my head for no other reason than wrong place, wrong time. No way in hell I'm following you.

    Bethesda took the whole free roam concept too far to the extreme. Not that stringing it together wouldn't have been tricky but they could've at least eliminated certain start points in relation to other things you've accomplished.
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    And they rushed the storylines that they did put together. Not just the dragonborn route, but even the guilds, I joined the companions today with a new character and literally after one quest they sent me on my initiation trial, then on return, during the initiation ceremony, Farkas gives these grand answers to Kodlak's questions like he had known me for a year.

    For all they knew I was a silverblood and responsible for setting up that ambush up we just ran into. Likely considering I managed to lock myself out of the fray before they sprung the trap.
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    @M1sf3t honestly, given the scope of a game like Skyrim, especially at the time, I think they did fine.

    They didn't want to make a smaller, denser open world like Gothic or Amalur. For its size Skyrim had a pretty good amount of content, implementing any of the things we've mentioned would've taken too much time/money. I think it's good that we got to do stuff even in its rather broken form, it is a game after all.

    Also, practically from a gameplay perspective Skyrim is all about freedom, restricting the player in any way would be against its core principles. Also naturally time is accelerated. That does lead to weird situations but eh.

    If we're critiquing realism in the game then there are faaar bigger issues, lel (sneaking and pickpocketing for example).
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    @arcsector that's an unnecessary reaction to this. I was complaining about the ending being on a cliffhanger, not the difficulty, right?
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    @RememberMe haha yea don't even get me started on the lack of depth perception. Its seems like that would be harder to pull off though, you'd have to actually mess with the mechanics of everything, from the images of your arms to the way things approach your player.

    The two things I mentioned would be somewhat easy, the additional levels for the guilds are already there, you'd just have to delay the main quest line longer and 86'ing the availability of certain quests based on previous gameplay would be simple as well, a little harder maybe if they borrowed from fallout and toggled them based on a karma value or something similar.

    Of course not everyone is as ocd about it as me either, I'm pretty regular about backing up a few levels because I didn't like the way something played out. Still, I feel like it would add a bit more life specific story you play out an also maybe up the replay value b/c there wouldn't be a way to do everything in the 1st playthrough.
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