So I ordered second 3D printer because well 1 isn't enough. (TEVO tarantula pro) and well I ordered TMC2209 or 8 IDK just for it to be quiet.
The TMCs got shipped the same day even. OK
The printer stayed at processing until I sent email to customer service that said that printer can't be send because the address contains some weird characters. Well OK but that's the exact same address that the TMCs got shipped to without a fucking issue.
So I sent them the address without special characters.
Waiting for message back. God fucking dammit I hope they send it ASAP because I'm going to be really fucking mad. Haven't had a single fucking issue with them until now. Well I will be OK if they send it in 2 days. If not I'm gonna be mad for sure.

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    @M1sf3t I said dont join me and gentoo or i will fucking hate you !
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    And i received message from them. They need an address thats in england. WTF ? Well i dont live there. Well either they will refund or just change the shipping method.
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