I thought of learning about cloud computing. Went looking for AWS courses on Udemy.
It's so confusing which certification I should prepare for for AWS.
Which one should I go for to begin with? Suggestions are appriciated. Thanks.

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    Uh.. well. I personally don't care about any certification. Trying to build a relatively complex project is probably the best approach
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    Sounds like you're missing non scaled computing basics already, because AWS is just an auto scaled up version of having some VPS.
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    @JoshBent This says it all cuz I'm clueless of what your just said.
    I should delete this rant.
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    @mpk09 wasn't my intention, just rather a hint at where you should start first instead.
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    @12bitfloat I do have a Airbnb like project in mind. I will start working on it soon.
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    @JoshBent Thank you for your suggestion. I will get on this and then move to AWS.
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    @mpk09 digitalocean should be the cheapest way to play around with scaling, private communication between VPS (virtual private server), give you load balancers, .. all the good stuff
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    if you're a student you can also pick up free credit via github student offers for digitalocean
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    Thanks a lot @JoshBent, I will start with it right away (2.06am)
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    Before one can learn aws and it's billion products, one must know how basic infrastructure and servers work in the first place.

    Cloud computing is not a "learn in 24 hours gig" without already knowing the basics.
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    Check out this list of online courses for all AWS exams: https://elearnscanner.com/en/blog/...
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