Just this morning -

Me: *looking through some ways to implement something in a current project*

Also me to my brother: I might pick up some PHP, you know, learn Laravel, it could help

My brother from just outside the room: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

:| Needless to say, I picked a different approach after some more digging lol

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    Laravel and OOP Php 7.3> isn't that bad 😛
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    Just use PhP4 - you'll be fine...........

    Ok don't really really don't, use 7 😂
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    Laravel and PHP7+ beats easily any other framework combination you'll encounter (I'm looking at you sailsjs), simply by outbeating with how much is implemented (and beautifully documented) for you and how stupid stable it runs.

    If that's not enough, you can check the laravel universe further, which has for example spark, which in turn for some money gets you a solid base to further "do less".

    You don't need spark either - laravel gives you all the tools necessary to do exactly the same for free, but if you're balls deep into being lazy it could save you time doing it yourself.
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    I personally like Symfony more, but Laravel is great as well :D
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    @C0D4 What's wrong with PHP7? It is wastly superior to PHP5, especially in terms of speed.
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    @c64forthewin did you not read that right?

    I said don't use 4, use 7
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    @C0D4 Ah yea, right 😅 Excuse me, it's early in the morning. I somehow read "use PHP 7.4", you'll be fine. And then "No really, don't use PHP 7".
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    @c64forthewin haha, I wasn't missing a 7 In that
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    Haha I recently got roasted on dev.to for saying that PHP 7 + symfony components was a quite decent basis to start a web project.
    I still thinks so.
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    My primary framework is Laravel, and also being familiar with nodejs and asp.net I will say that I really like Laravel more then any others.

    Almost a lot of major libraries and beautiful boiler-plate is built-in and composer is always there if needed. And, for my country and the types of client who cannot afford much in server and hosting, php based is the best.

    (require ('body-parser')... in node is just depressing...at least for me)
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