Aah documentation... My workplace documentation is mess, some parts are from year 200x and they don't work at all sometimes. It's really frustrating to learn our internal development language cause you can't trust documentation that much, or at all sometimes. Perhaps I start developing by updating documentation.

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    I usually just look at the code of the core library and figure it out by docblocks. If it's a whole language... that might be a bit more complicated.
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    @joas Yeah we have own language from scratch, well actually it's based on other language from 90s but now it's totally different animal.
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    I was actually really close one time to be working in a company with a custom language. I've heard that it's a complete shit show, so I'm really not so eager for going there anymore.
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    @joas Yeah I knew too, but pay was so high that I couldn't really say no. Usually this pay is people with 5-10 years experience in where I live. And I'm pretty much straight from school. Don't even have graduated yet. But I have some work experience in embedded c
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    @amatrelan Now you got me thinking :P
    That job would have paid much better than my current one, but I decided to stay because I don't want to overload myself with work since I'm also studing the same time and I got a great contract in terms of working time. Well I'll be looking for a new job next year anyway, let's see what the situation is then.
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    @joas Well I was basically "unemployed" at time so didn't really have a reason to turn down 😅
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    @amatrelan Don't improve the docs. Write more docs that are utter bollocks while keeping your own private notes about how everything works.

    Then you'll have a job for life as the sole expert in this weird language.

    CCL works a bit like this...
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