OOP was pretty nice ahha, but I think the greatest so far was when I started to learn C, everything I already knew made much more sense. I guess the next ah-ha comes when I bother to learn asm.

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    Next up:

    Zeroes and ones manually put into memory
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    Assembly can teach you more than anything else (besides monumental projects like compiler and OS design).
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    If you want a truly eye opening experience try learning Common Lisp.

    Here are a few interesting highlights:
    * A generalised exception-handling system (called conditions), which lets you separate the handler logic from the rest of the code if you desire.
    * A generalised object system (called CLOS), which supports multiple dispatching, multiple inheritance, and a meta-object protocol (similar to python's meta classes).
    * A fully Turing complete loop construct.
    *And of course a powerful macro system that puts the c++ preprocessor to shame.
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