Hi fellow ranters!
Time for another NL meetup! I wanna bring people from NL, Belgium and possibly Germany together again.
Here's the plan: Meeting up in September (or early October) somewhere in NL, have a drink together and get to know each other.
Feel free to signal if you wanna attend through this link:
I pre-selected weekend days due to uni / work / school.
Disclaimer: The link above will ask for an emailaddress. If you don't wanna provide that, just drop me a note here with your availability or send me a mail.
Is there anything you guys and girls wanna specifically do or not do?
Do you have any questions?
Let me know! Either directly under this post, or mail me at coffeencode@tutanota.com
Cheers and happy ranting,

PS: Feel free to tag people who might be interested, too, ofc!

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