Since I started this job:
- Accused of theft (if you knew me you'd laugh. I'm the kind of guy who wouldn't hesitate to beat a thief with a hammer)

- I decided being drunk all the time is amazing (formally I was a shut-in that was kinda sheltered from the outside world, not withstanding my family's own abuse)

- I'll never move above minimum wage because I have no time to learn and practice to become better.

I'd buy a rope but I can't afford one, lol.

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    Fucking cigarettes.

    Supposedly on camera.

    I'm pretty sure I got scammed out of them. Customer does the old "I didn't get what I paid for" after coming through the drive thru a second time.

    When you have a line six cars deep and it's been that way for an hour sometimes you forget to call bullshit on people.
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    Don't take yourself out with the rope! You have many years ahead of you to piss off assholes. Trust me, at age 60 I'm finally refining the skills I've taught myself over the years! THERE IS A GOD!!
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    You'll get above minimum. Keep at it. Not everything in this world is as instantaneous as the internet.
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    The kind that need beaten with hammers.
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    I believe theres a god, I just find it hard to believe he cares about any of us. Live in this life not in the next.
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    I'm going on 29.

    Somehow I doubt it gets better but thank you all for the sentiment.
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    @Wisecrack You can believe in whatever you want. I'ma put my bets on me and work my ass off and if anyone tries to take me down then that's on them.
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    @Wisecrack I do live in this life. How do I know there's gonna be a next one?
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    Nothing is known for certain.

    Least of all of the "after life."

    Thats why they call it faith.

    I too try and live in this life.
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