Enlighten me on this one 'cause I might be too exhausted to make sense out of this. I booked a car and of course, there's an app. The app shows the pick-up and drop-off location.

The driver asked "Where are we going?" I didn't answer because IT'S RIGHT THERE! He asked again. I looked at his phone and asked him "Isn't it right there?" He said, "Yes but it's for security purposes." You know, like it's a "duh" moment when he's the only driver that ever asked me this. Most of them just use me as Waze on the way.

Jesus Christ, do I look like an ax murderer to you? Even before he stopped, I was waving in front of him to say "stop right here". He continued several feet away from the pick-up location and I had to chase his car.

It's yet another barcode moment. Why do you even use an app you don't believe in? The fuck if this one asks for a birth certificate and certificate of residency.

I get the point of some basic bitches, some people enter the wrong location and that's the passenger's fault. You don't try/catch that shit. He could get robbed by a "pretend passenger"? Again, just like the barcode incident, what are the chances that I know which pick-up location, plate number, and name. Not saying it's impossible but dear god, stop making me do all these apps' jobs. Now I'm Waze, a barcode scanner + POS system, and a car booking app.

Now I actually want to rob this guy. He could be this paranoid because he owns a few pyramids in Egypt.

Lol, just now, two passengers came in and he asked "So the two of you, huh?" NO. That's the ghost of her dead mother, can you see her?

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    @irene Too skinny, like holocaust skinny, not normal skinny.
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    I read "enlighten" as a Swedish word.
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    Happy 20000 rutee 🎁
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    @ScriptCoded What does the word mean? And I read "Swedish word" as "Sword". Lol, how tired are we?
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    @alexbrooklyn Thank you. Have my gumamela bubble solution. 🌺
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    Normal people would've just answered with the location and not made a deal of it.
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    @electrineer Yeah. I'm far from normal and too tired of being used as an app for different people. 😴
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    He was just verifying you were his fare.

    If you know the answer to the question of where yo are going that was a way to vett you.

    Also Ted Bundy didn’t look like a serial killer and he was a monster.

    Lyft and Uber drivers get a lot of abuse the guy was just trying to protect himself.
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    @katbreitin I get what you all mean and you definitely have a point if I see the situation with pure logic. I guess it's just hard to understand why I'm fed up with little things like this without me giving enough context.

    Thanks anyway. I just wanted to vent.
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    I get it after a long day that last thing you want to answer a question the person already knows the answer.
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    @rutee07 you know I love proper rants.

    The dood was just doing his work tho. Most logical reaction would be to answer in a clean way, so you don't waste time nor energy.
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    @rutee07 you should have flashed him a very concerned look, then asked him the location of his next sandwich
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    @rutee07 Very? It means "the accordance" I guess
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    @Cultist I agree. I'm just annoyed with all the car chasing and shit. Plus, drivers here have a history of power-tripping because the traffic here is extreme so they either overcharge you or give you what we call the "policeman" attitude as if you are at their mercy.

    He's the only driver who ever asked that in my years of car booking. The cars don't have stickers to imply that they drive for this company, they're just like any other normal cars. If I was to rob him, I'd be like a crazy person waving at and chasing normal people's cars until I chance upon a driver for this company who also happen to be picking up someone in my specific location and also happen to have the same name.

    Ugh, sorry I rambled too much. The people here just piss me off. I hope today is a better day. -_-
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