Through a bunch of insignificant events, my confidence in my own competence has entirely vanished.

So, is just a few years before 30 a good time to move back with parents and start a fully new career in shop keeping?

Nevermind. I prefer killing myself than doing that.

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    P. S. Nevermind that I have zero close friends as of last week, no partner, and am emotionally detached enough to just... I dunno, Whatever every other crazy lone wolf does.
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    Sending hugs
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    If you go shopkeeper route then you need to learn your lines:

    Customer: What do you have for sale?

    You: Oh a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
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    @Demolishun 😒😒😒
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    @NoMad The plan was to become goat herders.

    *Sends hugs* (I'm currently sick, though, so that might not be the best time, but eh)

    PS: Don't forget about that plan of getting married at the ripe old age of 37 if nothing goes our way.
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    @Jilano when did we make such plans? 🤔
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    I seriously don't want to do this anymore 😞

    Scew my dreams. I just want to be become an old maid and die sooner.
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    @NoMad I married at 32 and the last 17 years has been among the best.

    Never give up, you never know whats waiting behind the next corner.
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    @NoMad Six blood moons ago, under the starry sky, a beer in hand.

    @Voxera Is it Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle? Is he waiting with a pizza?
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    you can move to a third world country like this one, where foreigners are more than welcome and there are quite a lot of development related jobs.
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    @JhonDoe definitely considering that.
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    @Jilano honestly, unless you live next door, the plans are off forever.

    I have enough friends around the world. I have none physically available for sitting next to and not worry about being judged by them. (I have acquaintances too. Not a full sociopath yet.)
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    @Voxera I'm happy for you. However, marriage has never been my goal. I'm not looking for a soul mate either. (blame my exes for that)
    But is friends and self-earned money too much to ask for? (and a healthy body, but I guess that comes with money)

    I have not closed the door on trying to find a sugar daddy yet, but unfortunately I have the attitude of a middle aged man who owns a grocery store in Delhi or Jakarta.
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    @NoMad Ha! Fair enough. I have no plan to relocate now, but who knows!

    As for the second part of your comment, I do think there are more and more people in this case. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but one does require "physical closeness" sometimes.
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    @Jilano there are exactly none.
    I've counted.
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    @NoMad You're putting my pessimistic side to shame. I'm scaroused.

    We'll in any case, if there's something that we can do to help you even if just s little, do ask.
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    @Jilano hire one of those Japanese assassins to kill me and make it look like an accident? Suicide would ruin my death insurance.
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    @NoMad it would not have to be marriage, just trying to show that good things can happen any time. :)

    And luck is mostly perseverance, you keep trying until its works and then people who never saw the work put in calls it luck ;)

    It can be hard along the way, but still, never give up.
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    @Voxera your optimism is nauseating.

    (in a good way) ♥
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    *sends a hug your way* I know things currently suck. But: you'll pull through it. It might be tough, but you'll be fine. :)
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    This is going to sound super cliche, but life is a marathon and not a sprint! There ain’t no handbook for how to live your life! And there’s plenty of inspiration out there to tell you that you can be successful at any age! :D so go try things, meet random people, put yourself in comfortable and uncomfortable situations! Just let yourself grow :)
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    @Voxera sometimes it's the cops..
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    @NoMad The word has been sent. It shall be swift and painless.
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    @NoMad well, I have been in the bad spot to but came out of it.

    After that I realized it is much easier to resolve issues if you believe it can be done.

    Its only when you believe (know) its impossible it really is impossible.

    As long as you believe, its is still possible:)

    And before any one comments, I am not a very religious person ;)
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    Make me rich. So that I can give you a visit and comfort :3
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    Become a digital citizen of Lithuania.
    Go along with the digital services platform.
    Create a completely new identity.
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    No. Seriously.
    Get out.
    Embrace the world's beauty and go on!
    No human and no situation is worth giving up on life.

    One day you will be surrounded by a lot of people wondering why you're so experienced, wise and full of knowledge.
    And you'll nod to your wide horizon friends with that 'we had a long path to go, but it was worth'-nod.
    Then, this dynasty feast starts and music plays with drinks and smiling families and children running around huge tables playing catch.
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    @NoMad I came inside from a walk and had a lady bug on me. I flicked it off of me. I later saw it walking up the door jam. I felt bad because it would probably die inside our building. The next day I came into work and it was next to the window on the wall of the window sill. So I picked it up and took it outside. I hope it is doing well.
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    I don't wanna spout the usual shit of positivity. Not that it's bad but plenty people other than me have done that here.

    We've chatted a bit and you're cool. Wish I could comfort you better but a 7 hour timezone difference makes that hard to pull of.

    You're smart and capable. You'll figure it out if you keep trying. yeah it sucks right now. I wouldn't have made it anywhere if I gave up whenever I felt despair. Other people had some interesting ideas here too
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