This morning I studied Zeno's dichotomy paradox. Conclusion: Before you can finish your project you must write half of it. And before that you must write one-fourth, before that one-eight and one-sixteenth and ... Thus your work is infinite and you will never finish it. And that is without any of the bugs!

If you are still contemplating writing anything, consider the amount of work there is in even one-sixtyfourth of your project. Just stop, and read some ancient philosophy instead! You will thank me.

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    Zeno's work was not philosophy it was failed physics. It was addressing the fact that in mathematics calculus did not yet exist and thus dynamic problems could not be solved yet so he was pointing out the paradox in their way of calculating the problem. Zeno's paradox only have application in quantum physics where it found an actual physical phenomena, known as the Quantum Zeno effect.

    Sorry if you were just having fun with the paradox but I take issue with applying genius to a philosophy that has essentially been discarded.
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    @beverest I was not very serious but you have good point.
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