Well i today showed my classmates my alpha version of game they said its bad "there is no AI bad graphical interface but the game itself is good just need to have better GUI" ,well i said them if they know what alpha version is well they dont know i said its before beta well they was like, wow i dont know that there is something before beta, now they like my game. i said them im working hard on big update they was like woooooow you are awesome so smart etc. well i need to teach them do much about real programming because 4 of them are programming and they dont know what alpha is what github is and etc jesus fuckkkkk

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    Better than no feedback.
    I had a private fighting game project I shared at version 0.02d with some friends at university five months ago, I still don't know what they think of it.
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    @KuroTenshi67 totally know that with my previous classmates i really hate them
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    @Haxk20 Well, I can't blame that on my friends, since I was in Double License Maths-Economics at the time so the probability for people there to talk about game development is low. But I'm fine with that actually lol
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