Seriously USB-C is the worst invention ever. Yes, let’s create a standard for all cables so they all look the same, but then let them secretly all be different from the inside so people have no idea which cable they have to buy. Fuck Usb-c and bring back the vga cables

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    😆 Yeah dammit Donald!
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    Wow, wtf?


    Can fry your devices...

    I thought you had to pass certs to sell usb branded cables?
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    It's all part of a conspiracy. I am telling you.
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    AFAIK the standard is alright, it's just that companies refuse to abide by the standard. Recently, for example, Raspberry Pi got called out badly for making a cheaper version that forces people to buy bad cables: https://medium.com/@leung.benson/...
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    I have many usb-c cables and devices. They all work flawlessly. In my opinion it is the greatest standard ever, even Apple finally caved.
    You just have to buy cables from companies with trusted quality. Nothing has changed in that regard since the dawn of time. For every good manufacturer there is one making a shitty version of the same product.
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    Fuck USB-C, Fuck DisplayPort Alt mode, and fuck the modern mentality of everything you took for granted has to happen over the same port you never gave a shit about because all it was ever used for in the past was mass storage...
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