//Kind of not a rant. IDK what it is.

Yeasterday i spent almost all day building a 3D printer to perfection. (TEVO Tarantula PRO)
By that i mean all axis are exactly 90 degress.
Not 90.1. 90.
And good lord it payed out.
IDK how they managed to make metal printer for 188Euro but well they did and it prints as good as PRUSA.
I started print after calibration and it is near perfection. Other then salmon skin effect which i will fix with new drivers TMC2208 ofcourse.
Now it will be really perfect printer. Oh and i can print BIG things now.
235x235x250mm is a lot.

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    @devTea Yeah and what ?
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    *laughs in Creality 10S 5S*

    *cries in "I don't have room in my house for one"*
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    @endor I wanted to type HUGE but well its not huge at all. And its actually 240x240x250 but oh well
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    @Haxk20 the Creality can print 500x500x500 :D
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    @endor Yeah and what ? I dont have the money for that shit.
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    I was given an Anet A8 for free and bought an Creality Ender 3. I'm really enjoying the tinkering and upgrading that I can do. It's also great quality for the price.

    I added auto bed levelling last weekend and even though it was hard to dial in, it's made a big difference.

    I'm going for the motor drivers next, then mks gen l board, then octoprint/klipper.
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    @cmarshall10450 Ender 3 is amazing but still TEVO wins this one. Half a year ago the old tarantula wasnt up to the task to beat Ender 3 but this one beats it in print quality and in most stuff. This shit can move at 300mm/s FFS. My eyes have trouble registering when it moves. Sure i cant print at 300mm/s only moves are that fast and people already tried 400mm/s and it worked OK but it got the motors hotter.

    But Ender 3 is still an amazing printer. I woudlnt buy this one if i had Ender 3 already.

    And Anet is good for maybe tinkering. But its loud and there is not that many upgrades you can print.

    Old tarantula was great as machine to tinker with. I mean on my old tarantula there is nothing stock except the frame itself LUL.

    I think this one will end up with few upgrades too. Not so many for sure but lot of them.
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    @Haxk20 yeah. That's pretty fast. I haven't tested the move speed of the Ender 3 but I'm printing at 100mm/s consistently. I know I'll be able to print even faster with a 32bit board and klipper controlling it from a raspberry pi.

    I bought motor dampers for it before realising that the gears are now press fit, so they're useless now.

    I know what you mean about the Anet. It was far too much tinkering for me though. I didn't build it/wire it and I was constantly having to fix it. I got so bored of either a power wire or thermistor wire coming out.

    There are more upgrades for a prusa clone than I expected.
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