I wish I could just unplug myself from this digital world.

I am grateful for having been brought up in a time when the internet/social media was not yet a thing. I had more privacy, less anxiety, had real conversations, played real games, had no FOMO....and I honestly enjoyed the fact that I couldn't always be found so easily, as opposed to how my digital footprints are now being blasted out into space every second.

This life feels like I am in a queue waiting to cash in on all the lifestyle diseases, all the while getting older and staring at a small screen going mad at imaginary people.

I wish I could go back to when things were simpler.

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    @NoMad that's the point, I can't seem to be able to. The digital world rules my life so much that any sense of agency or control or free will that I think I have are all just illusions.

    Am I supposed to be sleeping now? Yes! But here I am bitchin' about things that I can't control.
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    Sometimes you just have to rip the bandaid off with one sharp move.
    I'm slowly figuring out how to do the same.
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    @NoMad you say that like it's an easy thing to do, when your brain has become hardwired to pick up that hellish device far too often for no goddamn reason.

    Speaking of which, I'm putting mine down now. Good night
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    I use the computer less and less. I got rid of my cell phones and I’m considering cancelling my internet at home. The less I use it the happier I am. I have a similar feeling to you, I think it’s generally bad for people but it does have some limited positive aspects. I’m glad it’s there, but I don’t touch it most of the time. Yes I have a life, it’s great, I don’t miss wasting tons of time on the computer (I’m on it enough for work anyway) and I feel healthier and happier
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    Pick up a hobby that's not related to any of this stuff. Idk, woodwork or gardening or something
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    Hobbies that do not require computer technology and relationships that can satisfy you are huge saviors. I'm not an addict of the phone. I kill time with It, because I don't have anything else to kill time with. It's quite useful that if you don't know something you can find it out in seconds on the internet. But It's overwhelming. While I had a healthy, satisfying relationship, I could spend my time with my loved one and friends of ours. Didn't even think about the phone while we were hanging out.
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    Classic boomer
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    @aviophile aw shit here we go again!
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    There are still places in this world with no connections.
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    @NoMad yeah kinda.
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    I miss playing real games (i.e. offline), hard to find anyone that is interested.

    Especially when it comes to Skat (a German card game), haven't played that in a decade or more.
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    Last summer I took a weekend and traveled to the country side where I had no cell signal and no internet. There was a tv with satellite but I didn't use it. I spent 3 days with nature, morning walks at sunrise through the woods, fishing (first time for everything), and just generally relaxing with family with no way for the outside world to contact me. It was incredible, I felt truly recharged and happy at the end of the weekend. I thought it would be difficult to unplug but once I was out there the realization that none of it mattered was freeing.
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    @SomeNone Good thing 'Skat' is just a German card game. I was afraid it might have something to do with the scheisse fetish.
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    My advice may/will be very strange ...

    I recommend you to test your vitamin D3, and to take B complex with Floic Acid as soon as possible.
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