Hate it when a website asks for a phone number and throws this error at you:

Please correct the following errors:
Phone please use the format 555-555-5555.


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    I wouldn't mind so much if they bothered to tell you what format they expect. If they don't tell me what format to use I expect them to have been competent enough to take any format I choose. If they ask me to use a particular format then it's on me if I get it wrong, because they told me what they expect.
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    Sounds like bad coding standards to me
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    Not to mention that there's more than enogh libs that do that perfectly
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    Remove all non-digits, check the country code, and check the length. Super easy. 😕
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    Even worse if you're not American.
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    Same with an email field that doesn't allow absolutely valid characters (by spec). Better if the error message doesn't tell you what the problem is.
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