I did it ! I resigned !

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    fuck them all
    congrats and good luck
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    @Coffe2Code Thanks man !
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    I swear to got that I think about doing that every single day...

    Congratz and be free
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    @-red Congrats and good luck. You are now ready to do big and better things.
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    I did this last week. Feels good man.
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    congrats, now you can get a decent job !!!
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    This company interviewed me for a particular profile and on the day of joining, they told me that I was going to be in a team that is in no way related to what I interviewed for.

    So I shut up and interviewed for the profile of my choice at a different company and got the job.

    And it turns out, this new company is in my hometown too. So yeah. I'm happier now.
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    @-red I wanna quit this shitty as low pay job as well. I worth more than this. I need a motivation to quit before october 10 salary date. I want another job too sadly. There is always a catch. isnt there?
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    @sandeepbalan The most difficult part is developing the motivation and working hard to get another job when you're already in a job and earning money.
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    @-red Yeah. all the best man, whats the new pay? good?
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    Thinking daily! But I'm trying delegation, if it doesn't work fuck it!
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    I wish I was you
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    You wish I was I
    I wish You was You
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    @Coffe2Code I wish I was wishing a wish that you wish as you wish I wish
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    the real daredevil
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    Wow, u did what I m going to do!
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    @sandeepbalan so did you quit?
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    @10may Nop. Still doing it cursing myself. Shortly I will do it. I am trying other jobs. I will notify once i quit
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