Have any other Linux users here developed a kinda bad habit of looking at peoples laptop screens in public trying to find other Linux users?... I can't be the only one who does that!

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    you're not the only one who does that :) i've put a big gnu sticker at the back of my laptop to save the fellow enthusiasts the creepiness :D
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    @cors I have an Arch logo... not using Arch anymore though.
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    @jayMcD what's your current distro? i've been using debian before, and switched to arch about 3 weeks ago. i'm trying to get used to using it with a tiling window manager.
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    I do it too, try to look at the distro too to find fellow Debian users
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    @cors I ran into problems with Arch close to exam time last year, so I switched to debian for a while. I'm using Manjaro at the moment... It's Arch based, but with an easy graphical installer and slightly more stable repos.
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    I once met a girl who used Arch. I felt like I was gonna melt
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    Most of the time I just see a Windows desktop tho :(
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    @Lilithium Awesome!!! There are other Windows users, that's amazing, I have felt so lonely lately, I need stickers so that other Windows users can find me...eeh, naah, I guess I'll be ok... :-)

    I remember that feeling from 6 months ago, when I used to use Windows Phones and I saw a fellow WP-user. I wanted to go up to him/her and say Hi, but my asocial brain stopped me :-)
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