Three months into new job and I've come to some conclusions.

1. I am nowhere near as good as I thought I was.

2. Having a super smart awesome dev review your code helps immensely.

3. It is almost impossible to learn at an accelerated rate and level up your skills without being in a conducive environment.

4. This was the best decision I have ever made.

5. I have a new appreciation for how badly people can actually drive since moving to the Bay Area.

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    Remember that first feeling, it'll help you grow
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    Ah thought you left devrant for good.
    Glad to hear the update.
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    @cursee see point #1 I'm spending all my time being super unconfident and pushing my brain to limit to justify my salary. I've made huge leaps and bounds in just 3 months of how logic flows through my brain, how not to rely on stack overflow, because most questions and answers are not relevant to my specific use cases. I have now a super in depth, working knowledge of the SPL, that I didn't have before. I've broken more stuff than I've fixed, I cringe badly at the first code I wrote here and wish I could redo it. I work 12 to 14 hrs a day.

    But really my phone had run out of space and I had to delete the app. Now I have a bigger memory card so I'm back.
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    "I am nowhere near as good as I thought I was."

    Thats true of *everybody*.

    Could be worse. Could be me. I KNOW I'm terrible.

    So imagine how much worse that is, because again, no one is ever as good as they think they are.
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