I just hate it when you're happily coding along when a colleague asks you to help him. You try to help him at his computer, but that thing is always slow as shit and has these weird workings. So you go ahead and try to do it quick on your computer. Then during the setup you run into problems. Being the good dev that you are you try and fix those along the way, but somehow you get sucked deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. The next thing you know you've been working an hour on some shit which should have taken 5 minutes. To top it all off you want to return to what your were actually doing and say "screw it". But there's this nagging feeling and you can't help but finish what you started. Worst of all your colleague hasn't advanced one bit.

Somehow I always feel like a jerk afterwards. Either I quit and didn't help (and didn't fix what needed fixing), or I did help and it took too much time away from stuff I should have been working on :(

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    While I'm working I just say "No, I'm busy at the moment".
    Try, it's easy
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    I know that exact feeling!
    There were times I spend extra hours to get my shit done after fixing colleagues issue.
    I really should learn to say NO.
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