How to select a tech stack for a web app? 🤔

And I want to avoid big frameworks like react and stuff

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    React is not a big framework though
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    What's you're stack of choice?

    If you don't want to use react/vue and what not, you could use typescript or keep it vanilla and just be done with it, depending on what you're building.
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    Well I like AngularDart but would definitely go wtih Vue + Typescript. Not a big react fan here
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    I actually like react so I was thinking about preact but I also wanted to have other opinions about some light weight library or something that makes things easier.

    Or even better, vanilla JS with some way to maintain state like react
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    Vue says it's easier to learn. I'd go with Vue.
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    @gogokun Does it have to be reactive? You can use state management frameworks without DOM frameworks.
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    @joas yea but I guess I could try a few things
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    @AleCx04 yeah but the tutorial is over A4 page, that makes it big.
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