What’s your #1 tip for getting started in this role? Useful training site or video? What’s best to focus on first? Hooks? I need all the juicy deets! 🙌🏻

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    Tip #0 :
    Don't use wordpress
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    Tip #1: Like to suffer.
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    Tip #2: jump
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    #Tip 3: Try asking this question somewhere else ...as you can clearly see by now.
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    1. Don't use ready-made themes, write your own. Don't use plugins, write your own logic into your custom theme. Also turn off Gutenberg.
    2. Don't call wp_head() and wp_footer() (that's where WP loads tons of bloat)
    3. Separate logic from view templates (use a templating engine like twig)

    +1 bonus: go MVC with TypeRocket
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    Please don’t aspire to be a Wordpress developer. Wordpress is an abomination to Software Engineering
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    Yea wp is only good for quick money. Worst developers ever according to any wp site. Why would you wanna join them?
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    @galingong thank you for the actually useful reply! 💕
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