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I wanted to ask the community what Linux distro I should use and I know there are tons of questions like this one.

I want something fast, without bloatware and easy to use/fast to set-up, etc.
I'm using Linux Mint, which I quite like, but I just wanted to know if there's something better (e.g: Manjaro, maybe?)

Thank you and I'm sorry for the duplicate question.

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    Mint is fine in my book, as are other Debian based distro (except the bloated Ubuntu). That being said, Manjaro will usually offer more up-to-date packages (its stability might suffer, though).

    PS: You could also go for something like Void Linux, but while you'll have even less undesired programs, it'll take a bit more time to setup (not too much, though).
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    Fast, without bloatware and easy to use? What do you need three distros for?
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    Alpine Linux if you want something small
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    Since nobody has yet and there is Linux in thread.
    Arch Linux

    Sure, setting it up the first time might be a bit more time consuming but you can get something really nice out of it. Also the package system of pacman + AUR is so nice I rarely have to actually download something manually.

    Setting it up once you get used to it (or even beter yet, automate it) it's less then half an hour from boot. So I would still put this in easy to set up category, but your opinion may vary from mine.
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    As long as it has pacman + AUR, it doesn't matter which distro.

    I associate bloat with the desktop-centric distros. Honestly, keeping the packages down to whatever it takes to finish the install and boot into a non-graphical environment is perfect for me. From there I can explicitly install the packages I want, to run the window manager I want, with the configuration I want, without the bloat that comes with cinnamon, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, or especially Gnome.
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    Try TinyCore. 16 MB, 0.00001% CPU consumption. UI included. Auto-setup. Doesn't take much time to try.
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    As a person who enjoys using computers, the time it takes to configure a system to work for me is not wasted at all. It's satisfying.
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    I think kubuntu looks sexy
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    Lol....this reply right here
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    This question is on-hold due to being too broad.
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    I'll add to this fire:

    Void Linux
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    I have been very happy with my "CentOS minimal" install. CentOS 8 just came out too.

    What's wrong with the search menu already in the settings?
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    LOOOL thanks, I've only found it now 😂😂🤣😅
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    Manjaro is really great.
    The KDE version is very beautiful, clean and smooth. I love it!
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