Me: So how is this application developed?
Interviewer: PHP.
Me: Running on which framework?
Interviewer: Vanilla PHP.
Me: What about javascript?
Interviewer: jQuery.
Me: What about css?
Interviewer: Vanilla CSS.

*i'm not sure how I should feel*

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    I like doing things from scratch. I feel like... I made it
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    I do use my own "cms" for php, vanilla js and vanilla css...

    In js and css I do find many benefits against the alternatives if you take the time to learn them as such.

    About the php.. I guess I am crazy
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    For me it's dependent on the project. I always use vanilla PHP and jQuery, but if there is a done theme for the site I use whatever it's created in, otherwise I use bootstrap and fontawesome😊
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    Over the span of 2 years, i've built things from scratch without using frameworks, heck there are too many things to worry about with limited time on my hands.

    1 - security
    2 - optimization
    3 - maintainability

    the list goes on.

    I use frameworks because its usually faster for me to build on.

    Most frameworks handle the security for you, leaving you more time to develop the custom functionality.

    Why re-invent the wheels?
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    @xenonth While I may see your point in backend APIs I usually think that people see CSS and JS closer to Assemble that any modern "language" in a sense that they need to be built on top to actually work.

    I rode both the mootools and the jquery trains long ago. And watched them go away as the novelty, replaced by something "better". Now people talk about "building fast" but at the end the code isn't as maintainable as they believe. The "dependency hell" (upgrade something and need to update all other libraries) or the "we must use all the latest and greatest" and then migrate all the code...

    Ironically this doesn't happen in vanilla.

    The crazy of me made me built my own CMS because I wanted a fully functional backend/frontend API that anything could be called async, light and maleable to be "anything". My first loads/impressions are lower than 50KBs without imgs and I believe that is good.

    I also believe the wheel may be the most reinvented thing of all... (talking about materials)
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    I used to do everything custom vanilla, now as I get older I'm starting to use slim framework, bootstrap, composer, and angular
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