Me: We should use git for version control
Tech Lead: We don't need it since we have our own server. That is our version control

*Talks to the CTO*

CTO: What is git?

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    Get out soon if they don't listen
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    Also the CTO: What is version control?
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    Had a meeting awhile. 3 hrs meeting explaining git
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    Sounds more like an exec in a technical position than a tech in an exec position....probably owns a blackberry and can’t work a terminal either. Get the fuck out of there stat.
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    @rickh soon. Gotta get paid first
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    Get out of the place!
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    Make you own secret repositories. Then have tea parties alone in the closet
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    You should Git the fuck out of there
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    Chief Technology Officer: "What's a <<leading technology>>?"
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    How do people wedge their way into positions without knowing stuff like this?
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    CTO: what is git?
    Imaginary response: You all, apparently...
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    Anybody here ever use anything but Git or SourceForge? They kinda suck compared to earlier tools I used prior. The terms are stupid and non-sensical "Pull Request" when you are asking to have your changes merged into a branch of code. If they had named it "merge request" it would have been crystal clear instead of "pull" and "push" which are relative terms to the repo owner and cause confusion and thus lower adoption.


    Probably an ESOL issue with the dorks who pulled (or was that pushed?) the terms out their ass when designing the interface.
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    @gudishvibes where I work is that is a family oriented business
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    This is a cool opertunity actually. Show them how it's done! Low effort :)
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    @KM1T0 At least you were able to share your knowledge of what it is and how it would be beneficial to everybody.
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    @xcodesucks That's a problem of GitHub, but not of git
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    Is this Tech Lead ex-Google, ex-Facebook employee and ex husband? /s
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    @ColdFore don't know, don't care. All I know is I got paid and I got out
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    @ColdFore i get the reference 😁 I often watch it
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    @rooter Pretty good straight face comedian. Shitty scammer.
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