Two months ago I was complaining how knex doesn’t handle enough of the DB concerns for me. Today I would not go back to a fully managed ORM. I mean we’re programmers 🤠 we’re suppose to relish in the idea of having more control and say

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    Good ORM will give the possibility to change any part of it. And will give you the ability to write manuals queries.

    Personally, I don’t want to see ANY SQL queries in code : It is too error prone. (I refuse any PR where I see a direct SQL)

    And after working with EF since version 4, I’m pretty sure usually performances problems are related to badly written LinQ queries
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    @NoToJavaScript I’d agree raw sql is a no go. ORMs like entity and eloquent that are very similar always felt very hands off. After picking something lower level like knex up, i feel responsible again for my queries without having to write raw sql. It might take a three queried to get a question with its answers and make have you do it like : Question.query().select(*).byId(1).eager(“[questions]”).rightJoin(“questionMeta”).on() instead of Question.findById(1).questions()
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    @jennytengsonM knex as in knex.js, the node.js low level relational database toolset
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