I'm thinking of a number between...6 and 8

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    You think they want exactly 7 characters? To my understanding they want 6 or 7 or 8 characters.
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    @groxx It's "M", obviously!
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    "More than 8 characters are too insecure!"
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    @groxx So close yet so far... Hopefully humanity we'll reach a solution before the end of our lives...

    @Lensflare When too many characters, computer goes boom
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    And yet, since this was a throwaway, 1 time use account, I was able to use the password "1234567".


    Security schmecurity

    6 to 8 characters, no special stipulation on what characters. I wonder if 6 spaces would work?
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    How to break a system:

    1. Create account with insulting login name and simple password
    2. Pay bill
    3. DELETE utility account from login account. Yes, it let me do that.
    4. System hangs for a bit while I guess it tries to figure out WTF
    5. Log in later and have no way of changing anything because no utility accounts are associated with the login account. Can't even change password because I need to provide the utility account number to do that but one isn't linked to the login...
    6. Click on the billing link, just for fun, and get a 404 page because OF COURSE YOU CAN'T FIND THE BILL FOR MY NULL ACCOUNT NUMBER.

    This is hilarious.
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    @JustThat That'll teach them to have such a terrible system!

    I'd probably enjoy watching someone in charge try to understand what happened and why.
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    @powerfulparadox I'm thinking some admin or dev will come across the logs of my activity and either get really mad or have a really good laugh. Maybe both.
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