There is always this question. Why the F do you use mesa-git and etc.
Well lets just say they give better performance. Linux 5.4rc4 gives 43fps in outer worlds. Linux-next gives 47 fps in the same exact scene.
This isnt just margin of error as i tested it multiple times. And well 4fps is always welcome just with software update.

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    On that note, I’ve already beat outer worlds once (a “good” play through), and I’m working to beat it again lol
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    @Plasticnova WHAT ? I mean it came out 2 days ago FFS.
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    @Haxk20 I beat it yesterday, started playing it Friday night. Just couldn’t stop, even beat most of the side missions (might have missed some though). It was just a really fun game, and I haven’t got to unwind and play a good game for a while

    I’m also a speed reader, so I can breeze through dialog. Not much on taking the slow listening route
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    Hey this is your 1000th rant
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    And here I am yelling at my laptop when it drops to 55 fps from 60. Damn stuttering thing at times.

    How do you handle the pain that ~45 fps is?
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    @C0D4 IDK. I hate when i play at 60fps and it drops to 55 too but well when you play at 45fps since the game wont go higher due to some optimization crap then well you get used to it.
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