I don't really mind the presence of memes in DevRant. It balances out the actual rants with humor, which can be draining at times if that is all you look at all day. Do you?

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    I don't either, what I do mind is:

    retarded vim exit memes
    dumb memes about "wHy do Java Devs WeaR glAssEs"
    "JavaScript iZ to Java wHat caR iZ to CarpEt"

    and other types of really dumb humor that wannabe devs post. Other than that I really don't mind, wouldn't prefer it, but don't really mind.
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    Stuff of quality is fine, useless copy/pasta for the sake of ++ begging... not so much.

    It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to beg for ++ around here and generate thousands instead of 1-100 ++ and get away with it, I assume this is the purpose behind 0 effort memes.
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    just hang around long enough, you'll get it.
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    As all the others already said, quality posts wouldn't be that much of an issue, but most here post some 10 y/o shit that they found on the internet in the hope of getting more points. In addition, those are usually new accounts that are just trying to get the "free stuff".

    PS: Fuck those people.
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    I feel the same. No one likes shit posts/low effort posts and hating on such posts is the new low effort shit post these days.
    If only there was a way to balance the memes, rants, shit posts.
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