Yeah so I have a flu and a terrible cold, yet I am clocking in to work today (albeit intentionally late for work this time) because you get this feeling that you're emotionally blackmailed, getting called unprofessional etc. whenever you take a day off.

Twenty nine days to go, I'm outta here anyway. Fuck this attendance-obsessed upper management.

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    Not only are you out of there in 29 days, you're passing on your flu virus to everyone there too! Win win for the company, not.

    Seriously what is it with companies that want you to drag your sick ass into the office?
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    @nibor more days means more work done 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @jennytengsonM Companies don't have thoughts. Managers do. Quite often, of a throne carried around by four servants and a whip.
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