Ah ha !

I figured out a hook !

Now all I have to do is create the software to take advantage of it..

And hope that no one else notices, or that the company I'm making use of their lack of a specific feature, doesn't suddenly implement said feature and make my hook redundant..

Baring in mind for the last decade+ they have made their feature worse, I don't think there is a great chance of them suddenly making it better !

Sadly I can't mention it, or everyone else will be rushing around implementing the idea before me..

I'll be back as they say. :-)

Suffice to say, the main feature of my hook is it saves time, and we all know that is the most valuable commodity out there !

In case anyone is wondering, yes it will be freeware.

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    Took me 3 hours to write version 1.0

    Now to find a user to test it..
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    does it make me shit faster? that would be rlly nice ngl.
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    Not at this time.

    Once I create a version that includes an auto-update option, then I can begin to mention it and see if it starts to spread in the wild.
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    It will give you more time to take a leisurely shit. :-)
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    Only place I can really talk about it, so to speak !
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    Question then is, should the default option be "auto-update turned off" as to follow the ethos of user control is King, or should it be turned on in the beginning so as to help rapidly build userbase numbers ?

    If so, at what point do you change the default to off ?

    10,000 users ?

    100,000 users ?

    1 Million ?

    100 Million ?
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