I'll just leave the PC like it is and come back to it later..

FX [ Time Passes . . . ]

Damn it doesn't work !

Suddenly I can't mouse click..


Mouse click still doesn't work.

Unplug mouse, replug mouse.

Still doesn't work.

FX [ Goes to box with 15 spare mice in it.. ]

New backup mouse, works fine.

But I liked the shape of the old mouse !

And so hard to find second hand these days too..

Well, at least it works.

First time a mouse has died like that, and unlike most mice I have, this one I had from new less than 3 years old !

When I get a moment, I'll try the other 14 mice to see if any of them feel better..

See, I new there was a good reason why I got 16 second hand mice off Ebay as a job lot for peanuts. :-)

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    Don't be a cheapskate on your daily work equipment. Something that you use several hours a day should be comfortable and work flawless.
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    I had tried expensive mice in the past, but they would often have serious issues, either design flaws, or driver issues.

    Middle of the road mice I found worked well, though once their feet wore out, it was difficult to find replacements.

    So I just kept getting the same mouse over and over again..

    Now they are getting hard to find, so for now, its a bag of middle of the road mice to dip into.

    I do wonder if any of the new mice might be worth considering, but so far every time I read reviews about a particular model, I find out its not so good after all !

    Unless anyone here can recommend a good mouse ?
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    I'm not an expert in mice, for me it must be comfortable, but I don't care much about sensor resolution and response time and such stuff, as long as it works. I'm the keep-fingers-on-keyboard-guy anyway.

    I prefer Logitech, they are durable and just work. Older Microsoft mice were also really good, but I don't know how they are today.
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    I had great problems with Logitech drivers !

    BSOD type things..

    MS ones I found would suffer from middle roller issues after a short time.

    Digging in my box of mice, I found an exact replacement one, so plumbed that in now.

    Yes, comfy is very important.

    This one isn't bad, but could do with being a little heavier.

    Its a bit higher resolution than normal, or what was normal.. which is good for a 4 monitor setup, otherwise its a long way to go from one to the other...

    Perhaps another item to put on my 3D print list, a custom hand moulded mouse !
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    @Nanos I never had issues with Logitech drivers. I wouldn't need them anyway, the system deployed HID drivers would also work for me, as I don't need any special functions. Movement, left/right button and wheel is all I use.

    The service/configuration software from Logitech is shitty and hard to use, but the only thing I use it for is to update the device firmware.
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    I have to plug out and in my mouse after every cold boot (Linux, Windows 10) to make it work properly.
    For Windows 7 this procedure was required after every wake up from standby and had to be repeated up to five times.
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    I found the Logitech mice wouldn't work with standard drivers ! (This is on XP.)

    As I'm often hopping in and out of various OS's, I can't have a dodgy mouse in play for that time, it has to work nicely with everything.

    Sounds like the more modern ones might be ok though, so next time I'm feeling brave, I'll try one !

    (I've 2 in the spares box..)
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    That's very puzzling, was this a PS/2 mouse, or a USB one ?

    Or a PS/2 Mouse with a USB adapter ?

    (I could never get those to work correctly / reliably, gave up after trying every PS/2 to USB adapter I could test!)
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    @Nanos No, a normal USB one.
    Other mice work normally on my computers.
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    How interesting, not heard of that issue before.

    Can I ask what model mouse it is ?
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    @Nanos Razer Taipan.

    This issue does not annoy me too much, as I don't cold boot my Laptop too often (usually wakeup from standby or restart).
    This issue is also the reason, why I got the mouse for free - so I cannot complain, especially as it works flawlessly after the start.
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    I have a $4 mouse from Wish for gaming but otherwise I rather use the trackpad. This way I don't have to search for the mouse for 5s with my hand, give up, take my eyes off the monitor, locate it where I thought I grabbed first time, then realize i forgot what I wanted to click and spend 10s agonizing on my lost flow before starting over the (often several minutes long) thought.
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    After much research I went for:

    > HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

    Naturally, being a bit poor, I went for second hand reconditioned model at half the price of a new one with only 2 weeks use. :-)

    It is slightly heavier than my previous mouse, similar size, so not too big.

    Rubbery, so perhaps more comfy than not-rubbery.

    Had issues though..

    First, I had to update the firmware on the mouse..

    Then it stopped being recognised by Windows..

    Related link:


    Then the CORSAIR iCUE Software gave me this issue:


    > No Device Detected after recent update

    Still working on trying to get it to work..
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    So far a working solution is to save the mouse settings to the mouse, with the optional lighting part turned off..

    Then start Windows without the software auto-starting.

    That seems to work.

    So, now a nice 2,000 dpi compared to the old 800 dpi I had to work with.

    A working dim light would have been nice, but hey, at least everything else appears to work fine !
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    You make a good point about time lost searching for a mouse.

    Maybe we need a self driving mouse that will move towards your hand when you want it..

    Maybe I could get a footmouse..

    Considering what a pain just getting a brand name mouse to work, I hate to imagine what some unheard of footmouse brand will be like to get to work flawlessly with Windows..

    Of course, when I get my new keyboard, it too will be USB, and I'm out of spare USB ports..

    Then it will be fun trying to get everything to work nicely together once I add another hub into the mix..

    Though there is two spare USB headers on the MB, so maybe I could plug something into those..

    Just no spare backslots to fit it to, oh well, I could just fix it to the side of the PC I guess..

    Or a front plate ?
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    Brought a 4 port USB backplate to upgrade the current 2 port one.

    So nice being out of debt and being able to afford little things like this.

    I wonder if it will be plug and play, or will the wiring need to be changed to match the motherboards..
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    Wiring needed changing..

    New mouse, well, it just hung !

    So, not the best drivers in the world..
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