So upper management decided that, not only we have to write down what has been discussed in our daily scrum, these meetings are being recorded too.

Soon a meeting with team leaders will be held, and I will point out how stupid this is.

For me, it is obvious. It has no use to anyone to track every day what everyone has done / is doing. That is what sprint reviews are for. It also doesn't help them either, since the sales team can't (or shouldnt) sell code we are working on *right now*.

For them, it might not, and I don't really don't know what is going on in their heads.

So I want to make a list of "reasons" of why this is stupid.

If all goes wrong, I will simply disobey and see what happens.

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    Micromanagement never ends well.
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    This is the biggest pile of horse shit I ever heard man
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    1. Who will listen to the recordings?
    2. Why will he/they do that?
    3. What is the effort estimation for this stupidity?

    If you have an answer to these questions, then you can fight back:
    1. answer: sales.
    2. They need more transparency.
    3. They will not talk to poential customers, or make any sales, bc that is all they will do.
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    Sounds like a pointless waste of time and funding, and all in an effort to use as leverage against you. Or in simpler terms: micromanaging.
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