So, I spend quite some time on YT because I obviously have too much time. Anyways...

Was casually watching some random vid on the app and I got a popup:

Please rate how good this video is as recommendation, so we can improve our algorithms. It was not the one I was watching it was some random video.

So, I tried to watch it. Error message showed up: No, you can only watch it after telling us if its a good recommendation for you.


So, how exactly did that feature make it live? Maybe someone could explain to me :^)

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    Hahaha typical youtube.

    Probably it was implemented and not tested manually. Welcome in times where less and less companies perform manual testing and you see more and more broken features becouse of that.

    Thats what you get with TDD **shrug**

    Look and windows 10 disasters. Guess why quality of their OS dropped last years?
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