While it's true that all tech stacks (web, Flutter, Electron) have their use cases, I can't help but sometimes think tech stack evangelists use the muh use case as an emotional appeal to excuse their pet tech stacks from being called shit.

For example, why put a premium on doing an app using Cordova when you can do it natively? Why make something in Electron when you can do it in good ol' fashioned UWP?

Yes I am starting a fight here.

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    I hate electron, but I love some -> a select few <- apps that have been made with it.

    Cross platform is easier to build using non native frameworks (no I don't consider reactnative as native)

    Pros and cons, dev shops want quick $$$, clients want cross platform, and somewhere along the way native specialists started becoming obsolete.

    Also, starting flame wars this early into your devRant career? You're a brave soul!!
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    QT is crossplatform and QT is better than electron. Why do you need whole fucking browser to just run an app? Although native is always better than this cross-platform framework.
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    What is the task at hand?

    What are the clients requirements, and how much has been quoted/budgeted for the project?

    How much time do you have to deliver?

    What skill sets do you have available to you to utilize for this project?

    Who will be maintaining the project after delivery, and what skills sets do they have available?

    Are there any commercial support needs to consider?

    Some of us have to consider these things before we do something, it’s not as easy as just picking a solution and using that because I personally think it’s better. Believe me, I wish it were.
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    Mostly because developer preference I think. We tend to use a tech stack which we are familiar with.

    @-pthread can I use angular and material design on qt?
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    Thing is React is easier and saner than native development for making UI's.

    Android XML thinghie sucks. iOS and its ecosystem is pure diarrhoea.

    Both Google and Apple are trying to mimick React recently (SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose)
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    @C0D4 idk how I'll feel about sacrificing performance in favor of muh one codebase atop another layer of abstraction but Kotlin and Swift look pretty much the same syntax wise with only a few variations which is why I am not too keen on developing them in Flutter, Cordova or React
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    @Monk wait till you have to debug that thing you built in React 😏
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    Overheads with something like electron is ridiculously low. It's cheap and easy to build apps off of it.

    I still don't like it though.
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