For what reason would a web site ever need to know what operating system I'm running? That's just weird to me...

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    Because some web browsers of the same version can act completely differently across different OS'es, this is happening less today than it used to a couple years ago. Also, it helps closing the bug reports and blaming the user rather than investigating when the said user runs on an unsupported OS or OS version.
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    Or for offering OS-specific downloads, like .exe vs .dmg vs .deb/rpm/wtf
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    OS specific downloads
    Screen reader detection for WCAG checks
    Just general analytics

    If 60% of my user base is using Linux and Firefox, then I'll make sure to test heavily any changes to that scenario.
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    Each os have different configuration starting from your monitor color palette ending on different fonts installed by default.

    If you ever worked with good graphic designer you know what I meant.

    Patents are everywhere.
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    OS specific downloads, fonts, palettes, and general information
    Also interesting analytics for owners
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    Why would OS specific fonts even matter? CSS has font family, and it's easy to include relevant fonts for Windows, iOS and Linux.

    Also, the screenreader shouldn't be detected at all - the website should just conform to WCAG 2.1 and let whatever user agent do its job.
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    Test and product strategy is where I would use it.
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