I dropped my Unicomp keyboard last night. Some keys stopped working. Damaged the membrane connector, apparently.

Very sad. Served me well for 11 years.

Immediately ordered a Logitech G613 as replacement.

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    Was it an accident or intentional? 😏
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    I would turn this into a rant about logitech keyboards, but instead i will just say that steelseries has way better competitive keyboards.
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    You might be able to repair it.
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    @arcsector everyone has their loved and hated brands and for various reasons ranging from customer service quality to product quality.

    I have an unreasonable hatred for XFX because one of their GPU’s once arrived with a dead fan.

    I have a love for Logitech because their support has been the best of any tech OEM. I also believe their wireless tech to be the best (I have their G305 mouse and have used prior products).

    Is there anything specific I should look for in terms of bad design or quality that I should consider in my chosen keyboard?
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    @RageBone it’s somewhat repairable, but it wouldn’t be a reliable repair. The keyplate and membrane assembly is riveted together.

    The nature of the damage is a deformation and tear in a hole for a retention peg on one side of the ribbon connector on the membrane. It causes it to misalign to the controller PCB.

    I could spend hours messing about with glue or other attempts of a fix and it would definitely dislodge over time and cause nothing but frustration.

    I spotted the G613 for £129.99, then I spotted it for under £90 and then Amazon have a warehouse deal for under £80. It’s wireless and it’s mechanical and that is exactly what I would have wanted to upgrade to eventually anyway.
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    @msrivastava574 it was an accident, but whilst I’m sad at retiring a nice keyboard, I am happy about my purchase.
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    @StefanH what? I can't see how a repair won't be reliable since that is ideally the job of a repair.

    It seems as if you pretty much know what exactly happened, so i assume you just don't know jet, how to make it properly?
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    @RageBone it’s literally a rip and deformation in the plastic membrane responsible for aligning the connector to the controller PCB. The only thing that connects the two is pressure. There’s no ZIF connector or anything like that, it’s a fragile design and unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

    It’s impossible to replace the part or modify it back to its original configuration. Anything that would work as a repair would not hold. Anything that might approach an effective repair would take so long as to not make it worth my time.
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    @RageBone I’m happy to send it to you if you like? Yours to keep. Just cover the postage / shipping and I’ll send it over.

    Edit: I’m in the UK.
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    11 years is a good investment ;)
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