Came back to office after a weeks vacation:

1 commit , 1838 insertions, 1292 deletions, all directly to master...

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    Hey I saw you hadn't run the "format document" command in a while but don't worry I fixed it for you. Man it took like the whole week to do it on all the files.
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    @ltlian If you are implying that only the mode has changed, I really wished that was true!

    Those are actual insertions and deletions! And a lot of stuff is not working, wtf
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    fire whoever is responsible

    Or hang back and DON'T FIX IT

    Let them burn
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    Commit message: Minor Fixes
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    I never understood rants like this. Like if you don't want people commiting directly to master just configure github (or whatever service you're using) to require a review + passing tests + account with master write privileges before merging the branch to develop/ master
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    @ObiSwagKenobi The CEO pushed the code, the CEO is the admin!

    Press F to pay respects
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    Git reset hard on the origin master
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    @avneesh No thanks, I would not like a lawsuit
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    Then dude you can pull it on local reset hard in local and make a branch where you left off and start working on that branch...
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    Remove that commit
    Just say that wasn't working
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    @ltlian I have to admit I am totally that kinda guy, code linting is life (edit: not on master ofc)
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    Bro 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ I feel for you right now no joke!
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    Do a code review and explain the state of things. Give your honest opinion and whether it can continue to exist like this or it needs to be fixed/standardized
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    Me. That was me as an intern two years ago that pushed my day 3 code all directly to master, taking the autodeployed server down for the whole day.
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