To the remote workers out there. Do your company requires you to track working hours? Are there any tools you guys recommend?

Mostly importantly, is time tracking needed at all?

I'm in a quest to save myself from micromanagement.

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    I don’t think time tracking is needed to be honest. If you can’t trust your dev to spend the appropriate amount of time working then don’t hire them. It’s that simple.
    I’ve had this discussion with my CTO a few times, as I really couldn’t give less of a fuck whether my devs have worked 4 hours in a day or 8, if their shit is complete I’m happy.
    If you, as a developer, can complete ‘8 hours’ worth of work in two hours then by all means take the fucking afternoon off.
    Like wise if you want to Friday off so you can go for a pint, take it. Just make the time up if you haven’t already.
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    In my old holiday factory job my boss didnt care about the amount of work done he cared about 8h of work. So everybody just slowed down because they didnt want to overwork themselves
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    I'm time tracked for different reasons
    Upwork - Hourly (payment security)
    Direct Client - Hourly (easier financing for him. We use hubstaff. )
    Job - Outsourcing company (We do it for stats, not for payment, the boss want to know how much time we spent on the different projects, we use TSheets)
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