When you are trying to buy something on Ebay and the seller doesn't listen to your communication for a picture of the actual product they are selling, because its really important for you to get the right model !

And of course, in their description they don't mention the model number..

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    Reminds me of buying things locally.

    You ask for direction, address, and I like to ask for a satellite image too, google street view URL, the works.

    Usually the address is something like:

    House down long lane with no name..

    Left of where the was a big building 100+ years ago that isn't there anymore..

    And an emailed picture of the house..

    No, I want a map of where the house is !

    At least with a picture, I can spend a few hours wandering around with google street view to find a match..

    Of course, this only works for places google has been..

    Satellite maps are not so good, as folk aren't very good at actually putting an arrow where their house is, instead its 3 miles away !

    Close, but after knocking on several doors, falling in the odd ditch in the process.. eventually someone tells me where the place is.
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    After them re-listing the item and again me making an offer, and sending another question, and nothing happened, I decided to go for a new one at 50% more cost :-(

    At least the new ones was on sale at the moment half price.

    Of course, I might get one that doesn't work and have to go through all the hassle of a warranty issue.

    Hopefully it is easier to get to work than my new mouse..
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