Its amazing how fast the brave browser is, and the interface is just wow... goodbye firefox

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    Nice try, Brave marketing guy.
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    @Jilano hard to refute your statement since i cant give proof i am not, and trying to do so will just make it seem evident that i am... but i do stand by my claim that it is fast in both loading up and scrolling considering my pc is quite ancient..
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    How does it compare to Vivaldi, in terms of performance and features?
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    @bahua I have never used vivaldi... ill download and give it a try
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    @bahua idky why but I use Vivaldi specifically for school. I kinda just use it as a secondary browser to chrome
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    Brave is fast and raaaaarely problematic for me. Have not seen anything bad compared to Chrome. Plus it has privacy features, big plus.
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    The fact that software has "privacy features" as a USP is so fucked up. Basic human rights shouldn't be selling points.

    Ah well. At least there's still some people who at least seem to care, so that's good.
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