Wait... So I gotta actually put in work to get an avatar here? I don't work for free!

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    So does DevRant.
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    Wait? DevRant works for free!?
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    yea we're trying to talk them into not allowing you to post photos, ie memes until you reach a certain rep as well but so far the policy hasn't been adopted
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    If writing good rants and good comments are work and not fun for you, this platform isn't for you. Just go away.
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    If you dont put work into your rants then you wont get ++. Well OK that was wrong analogy as my rants are shit but still i at least put some work into them.
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    "So I gotta actually put in work to get an avatar here? I don't work for free!"

    You're not working for free if you get an avatar as reward. 😜
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    @Fast-Nop I always knew that programmers had a bad sense of humour but I didn't know things were this dire. Who hurt you buddy?
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    I do less ranting and more sarcastic quips about other peoples rants. I do try the occasional bad dad joke too. If you want ++ write like you don't expect to get ++. Its a karma thing.
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    @Demolishun Finally some actual advice! I knew this community was titled "fun" for a reason. I guess I didn't do so well for my first "all programmers feel lazy" joke. Probably should have at least tagged it !rant. Anyway thanks mate!
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    @Puroguramingu You tagged it as rant, that's why I understood it as rant, not as joke. If you meant it as joke instead, then there's the joke/meme category.

    And "!rant" is always a bad choice - if really nothing else matches, then "random" is the one.

    Anyway, welcome.
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    @Haxk20 shut up and take my ++

    @Puroguramingu ++ are currency, you aren't working for free, you're being paid for your ranty efforts in cyber doots.
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    @Fast-Nop I've lazily checked most of your posts and see that you also don't use tags appropriately (even after being here more than a year). So this, at bare minimum quite literally the pot calling the kettle black. See you round though.
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    @C0D4 Noted. I should have opened with one of the million other complaints I have simultaneously at any one time.
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    @Puroguramingu So which of my rants do you think is mistagged? Remember also that rant is actually "rant/story".
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    Also the definition of rant does not imply negativity.
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    @Puroguramingu I've been around since nearly the beginning (although that doesn't matter at all in this case) but as far as I can see, @Fast-Nop categorizes the right way.

    I thought this post was a joke and it's tagged as rant so imo fast nop is right. I don't care much about this as long as one doesn't post memes and obvious jokes in the rant section since I fucking hate those and have the category disabled for a reason :)

    Anyhow, welcome!
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