The story by @orimligt reminded me of this: I was on an HTC Droid Incredibly and kept running out of disk space, so some insane sequence of events led me to try to store the Dalvik cache on the cache partition or something. I unpacked the boot image, edited the init script to bind mount the directory, repacked it, and...it bootlooped great.

I still had the boot image, but in my ~14yr-old wisdom I hadn't taken a nandroid backup. How do I flash the new image if I can't boot? The ROM wasn't even available anywhere on the Internet anymore.

After two days of tinkering, I finally realized something: I could take a nandroid backup, swap out the boot image, and then restore it. Lo and behold, it worked, and the phone lived to see another day (it still works too, of course also still on Android 2.3).

On that note, now that I'm writing this, I think maybe adb + dd while in recovery mode or fastboot flash boot would've been easier. But hey, if it works it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Ah, the glorious days of Android 2.3,
    When phones were moddable like fuck and hardware distributes didn't try to lock you in with everything.
    I miss those days.
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    @metamourge I mean for me it's mostly been uphill, my Nexus 5 and Pixel 2 that followed were way easier to root than the HTC (since unrevoked would randomly not work until I removed the...BB&T app?).

    Kinda miss that old superuser app with the crossbones though, just because it looked kinda cool.
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    Well, you're kinda lucky, since Google and OnePlus devices have great mod-support.
    But everyone with a phone from another manufacturer is somewhat fucked.
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    @metamourge True, I remember the mess of rooting my mom's LG... That was not very fun...
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    @refi64 Try Lenovo and have fun waiting 14 days.. IF the unlock server is even online!
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    @metamourge Essential is pretty good for that sort of thing, too, I hear. I have one, but I've been happy with stock so far, so I haven't bothered tinkering yet.
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